Aliens 外星人 외계인 มนุษย์ต่างด้าว

This book explores the elusive concept of home and the foundation of identity and the sense of belonging, primarily in the context of multicultural individuals. It reflects my personal journey as an international individual, constantly adapting to new environments. The inability to neatly fit into a single cultural frame has always left me with a sense of alienation and displacement. Despite having roots in diverse cultures, it didn’t necessarily result in an enriched sense of belonging but often meant dwelling in the realm of cultural homelessness.

The book unfolds a visual narrative featuring fellow multicultural individuals who, like me, grapple with the challenges of establishing a strong sense of belonging. These individuals often experience feelings of foreignness to both their heritage and host culture but were able to find a profound sense of belonging through a culture that they created—shaped by connections with people, a place, and nature.

The book includes images of unknown places, seemingly displaced or isolated objects, and candid moments that resonate with the human experience of seeking belonging in the face of isolation.

It further delves into the apprehensions tied to the perception of Asian roots for individuals embodying a hybrid identity blending asian and western cultures. It challenges preconceived notions and stereotypes that often associate the culture with exoticism, peculiarity, or “otherness.”

Alongside photographs, the book includes sketchy pencil lines and handwritten characters, infusing personality and depth to the narrative of self-discovery, connection, and travel.

Hand-bound, first edition 
46 images (including cover) 88 pages
Photographs by Jee Su Kim
Graphic Design by Fon Limsomwong
Text/Calligraphy by Tsz Lam "Eric" Chan